A nice garden in France : you need the new robotic lawnmower Robomow and Gazonzen expertise.

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Living in France is a chance a lot of people dream of. A nice house in a typical French village, beneath the sea or in the countryside. It's the perfect location for family vacations and weekends with friends ! But what about the garden ? This nice and large garden you wanted for your holidays... Your children will want to play there, so you should take care of it quickly. But, no one want to choose between gardening and a family walk ! No one want to choose between work and fun. But if you own your dream property, you might have to.

With GazonZen, you will choose fun !

Discover Robomow, the smartest Lawnmower of the market. Take the bet to go back home and to come back a few weeks later: Robomow will have taken care of your entire garden like no one before. Robomow ; that’s 365 days whitout mowing anything. Smart and completely automatic, Robomow may change your life. GazonZen will help you to install and set your Robomow. After the wire installation and some settings (see videos), Robomow will know every nook of your garden... Just watch it work, or even better, take some time to take care of yourself !

harder and wide blade

We sell 6 kinds of Robomow : choose the best model your garden need (from 400 to 3500 squares meters). Robomow has the largest blade on the market (28cm for RC and 56cm for RS models) and every model has a three years warranty.
With Robomow and its app for iPhone, iPad and Android, you can go everywhere you want, safely. Receive notifications about the work in progress if there is any problem (like, Robomow is out), or even if your Robomow is stolen by a jealous neighbor: a GSM chip is installed on RC312 model with a 3 year subscribtion included (optionnal on first models).

When you come back to your house, just admire the talent of your robotic lawnmower.

Do not hesitate, it's time to prepare summer ! Come visit our online GazonZen shop and choose the Robomow your garden need. We will be glad to help you. Gazonzen is the french Robomow specialist in France in local and online sales.
Send to info@gazonzen.com a drawing of your garden and our sale technician will help you choose your Robomow. We can also make an exact mesurement of your mow needs area with a Google Map catch add to your address. GazonZen can ship your Robomow everywhere in France, Belgique and Switzerland and help you to set it if you’re locate on Western France (50km around Brest). Do not hesitate to call us on our Sales service 00 (33) 02 98 45 29 92 ! Ask your questions on our form, we will always be there to give you a hand ! And if your Robomow has any problem, call our hotline service from Monday to Saturday.
See you soon !
The GazonZen Team

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